Level Recorder RUBIN-1MDescriptionDetails


The level recorder’s operation is based on a non-invasive method of monitoring using acoustic sounding of the tank walls. The RUBIN-1M can be used in the gas, oil and chemical industries with above-ground and underground tanks of any shape, both as a stand-alone recorder or as part of an automated liquid phase control system for tanks.

This unique measuring method allows for a reliable way to record the level of liquid in the tank. Thanks to the ultrasonic magnetic sensors, the position of the controlled levels can be easily changed in the process of operation without any additional adjustments. Mounting the sensors does not require any tank modification and does not compromise the tank’s integrity. Therefore, operating RUBIN-1M does not necessitate an interruption of the ongoing operational processes.


Foam formation on the surface of the liquid and bubbling inside the tank are acceptable.

The RUBIN-1M’s sensors can be installed on tanks of any shape (flat, spherical, etc.) as well as between welded seams and other structural elements.

Units and Components

Level recorder RUBIN-1M consists of:
  • Control display unit (CDU)
  • Signal processing unit (SPU)
  • Sensor units (SUs).
  • The CDU is built on the basis of the master controller VISION V120-22. The CDU communicates with the telemetry system using channel RS-485 with communication protocol MODBUS RTU. The recorder has a built-in LCD display and a keypad which can be used to view the current level of liquid in the tank and to check a number of additional controlled tuning parameters, as well as to set the modes of operation for the recorder.

    The CDU performs the following functions:
  • Provides power as well as data communication with the SPU via intrinsically safe circuits;
  • Implements the operator interface and the recorder algorithms;
  • Light alarm and display of the critical level of the liquid in the tank;
  • Control of external actuators of the discharge/filling of the liquid;
  • Transfer of the monitored parameters to the upper level via RS-485.
  • Installation of the CDU – explosion-proof area.

    The SPU, together with the SUs, is designed to generate, receive and process the ultrasonic sounding signals.

    Installation of the SPU and SUs – Explosion-hazardous area.