Level Recorder RUBIN-1MDescriptionDetails


The ultrasonic level recorder RUBIN-1M is designed to control the level of liquid in tanks using installed acoustic sensors placed on the outside of the tank to count the number of cycles and control the operation of the liquid discharge actuating mechanism in the automatic mode.

• Measuring level
• Parameters recording
• Actuators automatic or manual operating mode
• Automatic cycles calculation
• Multifunctional display
• Advance telemetric data processing
• Internal diagnostics system and parameters adjustments in automatic mode

• Oil and gas industry
• Chemical industries
• Pharmaceutical industries
• Food industry
• Factories
• Mines and many other applications.


• Monitoring and measuring of liquid level from outer wall (non-invasive)
• Could be used with purity demanding applications and high-pressure tanks
• Tank interior configurations or structures do not affect the unit functioning
• Installation of the sensor in any form (flat, spherical, etc.) on the tank surface is allowed
• Installation and commissioning is simple and fast and can be done without stopping the processes or emptying the tank.
• Reliable and accurate measuring, foaming and impurities inside the tank are allowed
• Detector’s remote monitoring and data’s real-time recording and analyzing
• Foam formation on the surface of the liquid and bubbling inside the tank are acceptable
• RUBIN-1M is designed to work in severe weather conditions, -50…+60 °C (resist solar radiation, precipitation etc.)
• Sensors’ ATEX rating ExiaIICT6
• Detector is almost maintenance-free